Term and Conditions

Terms of Service

Before you register, buy and download the products for personal purposes, please make sure that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions below.

The website ITMaila provides the software subject assuming that you comply with all the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with them, please do not use our website.

  • License and DMCA

The website doesn’t contain any material protected by copyright. We do not host any files that violate copyright. All digital products on the website are released under the GNU General Public License and designed by one or more third parties (developers).

These products and any other material presented on the site are available for personal use only. If you want to use the products for commercial (business) purposes, you should buy them directly from the developers.

We do not provide any license or trial/commercial keys. Although we provide updates from our site. That means as soon we are notified about an update for an item. We will update them.

All products presented on the website operate in full and on an unlimited number of websites (domains).

The use of any graphics (images, icons, photos, videos) from the demo content for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Please carefully read the license terms before using the product.

Product Support

Provider products and designs are provided “as is”, with no implied warranty that they will function exactly as you wish or with all third-party components and plugins.
ITMaila is giving NO guaranty if all themes or plugins will come with its templates, but a guaranty of its own functionality.

Third-party products provided are supported by their authors and not by providers. Please review the support terms provided by the author of a product before purchasing it.

Theme’s Demos and Template is Not our Part of Service and Support. if Demos not Working Don’t Ask For Support and Refund.

  • Product Delivery.
    Once payment has been confirmed, you can download the purchased products on your account page in the “Downloads” section. This usually occurs within 5 minutes after the payment is completed. Otherwise, you will also receive a letter in your email with a download link to the product. Please use a valid email address when registering.
  • Product’s Demo Contents.
    ITMaila sells theme and plugins, which mean we do not guaranty if its contain demo contents or they will install or not. bases on that refund will not be provided.
  • Payment and Renewal.
    General Terms.
    By selecting a product or service, you agree to pay ITMaila the one-time and/or monthly or annual subscription fees indicated (additional payment terms may be included in other communications). Subscription payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up for an Upgrade and will cover the use of that service for a monthly or annual subscription period as indicated. Payments are not refundable.
  • Refund Policy
    All sales are final. No refunds will be given except in the case when the digital product is completely unusable.

If the digital product is unusable, we need time to try to fix it. Otherwise, we have a money-back guarantee we will make a refund.

In some cases, the demos from the items won’t work because they are connected to an online server, which can’t be nulled. In this case, you have to purchase from the developers and we cannot help you and we hold our right to refuse a refund request.

No returns/refunds will be offered for digital products except if the product you’ve purchased is:

completely non-functional
and/or product main description was fully misleading.
and/or you didn’t download any or many files from our website.
– then you do have the option to request a refund.

We also reserve the right to refuse a refund in the following situations:

you have changed your mind about an item/subscription.
you bought an item by mistake and the product(s) was sent/already downloaded by you.
product was bought by your employee or inmate from your PayPal account to which he/she had legal access.
The product is incompatible with your WordPress, plugins, or web server settings
The product does not function as you want
The product displays a message about the need to enter a license key or activation
Demos need a license key to work
You broke your website when installing the product
you refused to provide our support staff access to your web-site to investigate our product you are having an issue with.

No refunds are provided for:

Membership Subscription is a complete set of products at a very convenient price for which you can cancel any time.
Requesting a refund for the same product twice.
Offers and discounts are valid for future orders only and can’t be used to ask for refunds or partial refunds of existing purchases.

  • Price/Product Changes/Subscription

Provider reserves the right at any time to modify and/or discontinue a product with or without notice. Further, Provider may add new products and/or services with or without notice. Prices of any products are subject to change at any time by posting the changes to the Provider website.

Provider reserve the right to keep particular products in subscription or outside subscription. 

Notice:- We can change download limit anytime in membership or Any particular Product without any notice and in case we not give any refund.

  • Account Termination and Suspension

Provider reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any user account without notice, in its sole and absolute discretion. No refunds will be provided to customers who have their accounts terminated. Examples of reasons for termination include

(1) Abusive behavior and/or excessive negativity towards the Provider staff and/or other Provider customers

(2) Repeated defamatory, malicious, and/or false statements including slander against Provider, and/or attempts to persuade potential customers away from purchasing Provider products

(3) Promoting competitor products, contributing to software piracy, hacking, spamming, or other illegal acts

(4) Provider reasonably believes that your account has been compromised, shared with others, or for other security reasons.

(5) one user – One Account if we found the same account used by multiple uses we immediately ban/Suspend your account (No refund in this case) we are not welcoming you on our website anymore.

  • Fair Download Use Policy

All our plans are ideal for developers and has no limits*. With unlimited* downloads. you are set to go! Take your business to new heights with minimum cost.

*Important Warning – Take notice!

  1. Redistributing our content is forbidden and will not be tolerated* (You cannot use our Products on Other GPL website) (If you want to use In your GPL website contact us, we provides you reseller Plan) (If you use our products on another GPL website we will Suspend your account and no refund in this case)
  2. Stashing is not allowed, download only what you immediately use*
  3. Unlimited it’s mean we did not set any limit if you overuse our service we will suspend your account immediately.

Membership and/or Price Changes

We do not promise that any particular item will continue to be available on our website. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue all or part of the downloads with or without notice. Further, we may add new downloads with or without notice. Prices of any products are subject to change at any time by posting the changes to our website.

  • Support Policy

We are not the developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We do not change the functionality of products and do not fix developer bugs.

If you need installation or setting up services for products purchased on the website, please contact us.

  • What Our Support Service Covers

we offer basic installation support for all the products sold in this website. We do not give general WordPress support.

If you need professional support from the author you should consider purchasing the products directly from the authors.

  • Privacy Policy
    Any information provided by the buyer will be used solely for the purposes of the transaction, delivery, and notifications about the new software products and solutions to any customer service issues.

By purchasing a product, you give your consent to receiving messages via e-mail (newsletter subscription). If you want to opt out of receiving these messages, please notify us. After receiving your feedback, we will remove your email address from the mailing list within 24 hours. We do not send any ads or similar.

  • Guarantees
    We guarantee that any digital product purchased on the website does not contain any malware, viruses, or advertising. However, we do not give you any guarantees that the products purchased on the website will operate exactly as you wish; not guaranteed to operate exactly the same as per the new update released compare to the older one; such as new bugs found.

All digital products are provided “as they are.” We do not accept any liability for any damage to sites due to the use of the downloaded products.

  • Terms and Conditions
    The website reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice. We also reserve the right to change the terms of the sale of digital products and subscriptions. We accept no liability to you or any third party in the event of changes in the conditions of sale of digital products or subscriptions.

We are not connected, associated with, or endorsed by any of the companies whose products are mentioned on this site. Any mention of these companies is purely so that our customers are not misled as to the original source of the product and so they have the choice whether to buy from us or from them.

You may also want to visit our FAQ page for further information about ITMaila and the GPL license. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.