Learning Angular A no-nonsense guide to building web applications with Angular 4th Edition

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As Angular continues to reign as one of the top JavaScript frameworks, more developers are looking for the best way to get started with this incredibly flexible and secure framework. Learning Angular, 4th Edition, updated for Angular 15, will show you how to use it to achieve high cross-platform performance with the latest web techniques, extensive integration with web standards Use modern and integrated development environments (IDEs).
This book is especially useful for those who are new to Angular and will help you get familiar with the most basic components of the framework to start developing Angular applications. You will learn how to use the power of the Angular CLI to develop applications, write unit tests, style your applications following Material Design guidelines, and finally, deploy them to a hosted hosting provider. do.
The new edition of this book, updated for Angular 15, covers many new features and tutorials that address the current challenges of frontend web development. You'll find a new dedicated chapter on Observables and RxJS, more on error handling and debugging in Angular, and new real examples. By the end of this book, you'll not only be able to build Angular apps with Typescript from scratch, but you'll also hone your coding skills with best practices.

Table of Contents:
- Chapter 1: Building Your First Angular Application
- Chapter 2: Introduction to TypeScript
- Chapter 3: Organizing Application into Modules
- Chapter 4: Enabling User Experience with Components
- Chapter 5: Enrich Applications Using Pipes and Directives
- Chapter 6: Managing Complex Tasks with Services
- Chapter 7: Being Reactive Using Observables and RxJS
- Chapter 8: Communicating with Data Services over HTTP
- Chapter 9: Navigating through Application with Routing
- Chapter 10: Collecting User Data with Forms
- Chapter 11: Introduction to Angular Material
- Chapter 12: Unit Test an Angular Application
- Chapter 13: Bringing an Application to Production
- Chapter 14: Handling Errors and Application Debugging

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