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The following people deserve special mention for the research and fact- checking help they provided on this book: Kathy Johnson, Charlene Niles, Deborah Pont, all courtesy of Worth magazine; Peggy Malaspina and her associates at Malaspina Communications: Lyn Hadden, Karen Perkuhn, Elizabeth Pendergast, and Susan Posner.

From Fidelity and its various resources: Robert Hill, Bart Grenier, Suzanne Connelly, Tim Burke, Evelyn Flynn, Shirley Guptill, Bob Beckwitt, Julian Lim, Debbie Clark, Jeffrey Todd, and Denise Russell. From the Securities Research Corporation: Donald Jones and his staff.

We’d also like to thank the staffs at the Wellesley Public Library and the Babson College Library; Joan Morrissey at St. Agnes School; David Berson at Fannie Mae; Nancy Smith, director of investor education at the Securities and Exchange Commission; our two agents, Doe Coover and Elizabeth Darhansoff; our editor, Bob Bender, and his assistant, Johanna Li.

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