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WPForms User Registration Add-on Do you want to create custom user registration forms for your site? WPForms User Registration Addon allows you to create custom user registration forms, password reset forms, and login forms. You can publish a separate form specifically for user registration or enable user registration in your existing forms to get more signups. General Operation of WPForms User Registration Addon Once your visitor fills out your form, WPForms User Registration Addon will automatically register their account with WordPress and send the user an email with their account information. The plugin also allows you to use conditional logic if you want to create accounts based on the fields they filled out. WPForms User Registration Addon Compatibility WPForms User Registration Addon is compatible with our other plugins. So if you want to create an account and accept a payment, you can do both at the same time. And if you're accepting publication submissions, you can give guest authors the opportunity to create an author account when they submit their first paper. With WPForms User Registration Addon, you can: Add user registration to any form – add automatic registration or allow your visitors to choose to create an account Use conditional logic – set conditions so that accounts are only signed up when the form input meets your criteria Add custom fields – Drag and drop additional fields to your user registration form, including user biographical information, file uploads, GDPR agreements, and more Customize email notifications – Easily edit the notification messages users receive when creating a new account Get started quickly with templates – use our 3 pre-made templates for user registration, login and password reset forms Hide forms for logged in users: show a message to logged in users instead of showing them the form Protect your login and password reset forms - add reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha or a custom Captcha to prevent spam requests Register users in payment forms: accept payments in a form and register a user account for the customer at the same time Integrate Marketing Plugins – Add users to your email marketing list when they create a user account on your site Enable User Account Activation – Ask new users to activate their account by clicking a link Enable admin approval – Choose whether your admins must approve accounts before new users can log in Generate Passwords: Automatically create a password for new accounts if you want. Use account-specific smart tags: send the user their username, password, activation URL, and more. WPForms User Registration Addon makes it easy to run a multi-user site without complications. Get WPForms User Registration Addon Today.

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