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WPForms Signature Addon Do you want to be able to collect signatures with your WordPress forms? WPForms Signature Addon allows your visitors to add their signature as they fill out your forms, simply by drawing with their mouse or touch screen. How WPForms Signature Addon works Once the user submits the form, their signature is saved as a PNG image and attached to the form input. If the user makes a mistake, they do not need to fill out the form again. They can easily click the X in the signature field to delete their signature and start over, without reloading the page. On the admin side, WPForms Signature Addon can: Control the size of the signature field (small, medium or large) Set the field to "required" Hide or show the field with conditional logic The goal of WPForms Signature Addon is to save you time by allowing you to collect everything you need from your users. Now there is no need to print, scan or fax documents to get a signature. Possible Use Cases for WPForms Signature Addon Contracts service agreements Terms of Service Non-Disclosure Agreements petitions If you are looking for a WordPress signature plugin or WordPress contact agreement plugin, then you are in the right place. Get Now WPForms Signature Addon.

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