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WPForms Post Submissions Add-on Do you want to have user-generated and user-submitted content on your WordPress site? WPForms Post Submissions Addon allows your website visitors to submit guest blog posts and other content on your WordPress site without logging into the admin area. Once the user submits a blog post from your frontend post submission form, WPForms will automatically create a blog post and mark it as Pending, so you can review it before it goes live. With WPForms Post Submissions Addon, you have the option to collect what you need, such as: post title Post Content Extract from the publication main photo Custom Fields (aka Post Meta) On the admin side, WPForms Post Submissions Addon has the ability to control: Default post status (Draft, Pending, Private, Published) Default post type (post, pages, or other custom post types) Default Post Author The goal of WPForms Post Submissions Addon is to make the frontend posting process easy and secure while giving you all the flexibility you need. Possible Use Cases of WPForms Post Submissions Addon Allow unregistered users to submit content without creating an account. Allow registered users to submit content without accessing the full admin area. Fee for user-submitted listings (commercial directory, property listing, etc.) Collect testimonials from your customers and add them to your site with just one click (no copy/paste). If you ever needed to add a frontend post submission form in WordPress, then you are in the right place. We literally took the pain out of creating WordPress forms and made it easy. Get WPForms Post Submissions Addon Today.

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