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WPForms Offline Forms Addon The key to getting the most out of your forms is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to submit them. Disconnecting from the internet while trying to submit a form is enough to make most people give up forever…meaning you lose that advantage. WPForms Offline Forms Addon is Here That's why we've created an offline form submission mode to make it easy for your users to save their data even when they're offline. Everything they enter into your forms will be saved to their browser, even if they close the tab or exit their browser altogether. Then, when your Internet connection is restored, they can easily restore your information and send it to you. Offline mode for forms is easy to enable This makes it easy not only for users with spotty internet connections, but also for: Offline data collection such as checklists, audit and inspections in places where there is no Internet connection. Offline surveys so you can easily collect responses in the field without the Internet. Events where Wi-Fi may be spotty. With WPForms Offline Forms Addon, now you and your users can save time by easily filling out your forms from anywhere and then submitting them when the connection is restored. Buy Now WPForms Offline Forms Addon.

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