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he richness of modern Python challenges developers at all levels. How can programmers new to Python know where to start without feeling overwhelmed? How can experienced Python developers know they're coding in a clear and efficient way? How does one make the leap from learning about Python's discrete features to thinking about it at a deeper level? Dave Beasley's new book, Python Distilled, addresses these and many other real-world issues.
Focusing on Python 3.6 and above, Python Distilled focuses on the core of the language, with updated code examples to clarify how Python works and how to structure programs that can be more easily explained, tested, and debugged. has it.
Rather than trying to cover every possible change and feature of a 30-year-old language, this pragmatic guide provides a concise narrative of basic programming topics such as data abstraction, flow control, program structure, functions, objects, and modules; which form the foundation of Python projects of any size.

Table of Contents:
- 1. Python Basics
- 2. Operators, Expressions, and Data Manipulation
- 3. Program Structure and Control Flow
- 4. Objects, Types, and Protocols
- 5. Functions
- 6. Generators
- 7. Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
- 8. Modules and Packages
- 9. Input and Output
- 10. Built-in Functions and Standard Library

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