Linux Fundamentals 2nd Edition

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  • 2nd Edition

The Linux world is constantly changing and you need new knowledge and skills to work as a Linux system administrator. Linux Fundamentals, Second Edition not only updates the first edition with new content, but also shifts the focus of the book slightly from a basic approach to Linux to a more advanced, server-centric look at using Linux. .
While the first edition followed the skills needed to meet the requirements of the LPI Linux Fundamentals exam, this edition follows the more advanced requirements of the CompTIA Linux+ exam. The second edition provides a gentle, accessible, and practical introduction to Linux environments and command line basics. Also, the addition of new virtual labs enables students to apply theory in real-time to practical exercises. This edition dives deeper into the Linux server environment and covers the commands you're expected to know to try Linux+.


Table of Contents:

- CHAPTER 1 Linux Basics

- CHAPTER 2 Linux and Software

- CHAPTER 3 Linux and Hardware

- CHAPTER 4 Booting Linux

- CHAPTER 5 Disk Management

- CHAPTER 6 Command Line Basics

- CHAPTER 7 File Management

- CHAPTER 8 Networking Concepts

- CHAPTER 9 Managing Processes

- CHAPTER 10 Advanced Administration

- CHAPTER 11 Linux Security

- CHAPTER 12 Linux in the Cloud

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