Computer Systems A Programmers Perspective 3rd Edition

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The book Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective 3rd Edition explains the basic elements common to all computer systems and how they affect overall program performance. Written from a programmer's perspective, this book attempts to teach readers how understanding the fundamentals of computer systems and implementing real-world practice can lead them to create better programs.
Covering computer science topics such as hardware architecture, operating systems, and software systems, the third edition of the book serves as a comprehensive introduction to programming. This book strives to train programmers who understand all elements of computer systems and can contribute to every application of the field, from fixing faulty software to writing more capable programs and avoiding common pitfalls.
This book provides the context for readers to delve into more focused topics such as computer architecture, embedded systems, and cyber security. This book focuses on systems that run x86-64 machine code and recommends that programmers have access to a Linux system for this course. Programmers should have basic knowledge of C or C++.



Table of Contents:
- Chapter 1 A Tour of Computer Systems
- Part I Program Structure and Execution
- Chapter 2 Representing and Manipulating Information
- Chapter 3 Machine-Level Representation of Programs
- Chapter 4 Processor Architecture
- Chapter 5 Optimizing Program Performance
- Chapter 6 The Memory Hierarchy
- Part II Running Programs on a System
- Chapter 7 Linking
- Chapter 8 Exceptional Control Flow
- Chapter 9 Virtual Memory
- Part III Interaction and Communication between Programs
- Chapter 10 System-Level I/O
- Chapter 11 Network Programming
- Chapter 12 Concurrent Programming
- Appendix A Error Handling

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