ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action

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Simplify ASP.NET web development with Razor Pages! Razor Pages provide a consistent page-based organized layer for application components such as routes and actions. Its page-centric approach means you spend less time switching between controller, model, and view files compared to the traditional MVC approach.

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action teaches you to develop dynamic websites using the powerful Razor Pages, .NET 6, and ASP.NET frameworks. Razer Pages generates HTML on the server and is an excellent choice for e-commerce sites, web services, content management systems, and other applications that require reliability.

In this book, you'll use Razor Pages to build a complete city vacation booking app and learn to iterate on amazing new features season after season. You'll even learn how to power your web applications with the massive ecosystem of C# libraries and how to find the perfect tool for your job using centralized repositories.

What you will learn in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action :

·         Build, configure and publish data-driven websites

·         Create a web application step by step

·         Forms to collect and process user data

·         Connecting to databases from Razer pages

·         Protection of Razor Page areas from unauthorized access using ASP.NET Identity

·         Use Object Relational Mapping tools to work with data in Razor pages

·         Generating CRUD pages using scaffolding gestures

·         Generate and send email from web applications


About the singer

This book is suitable for web developers who are familiar with C# programming.


About the author

Mike Braind is an 11-time Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET.


Table of Contents:

- 1 Getting started with Razor Pages

- 2 Building your first application

- 3 Working with Razor Pages

- 4 Matching URLs to Razor Pages with routing

- 5 Working with forms: Model binding

- 6 Working with forms: Tag helpers

- 7 Using dependency injection to manage services

- 8 Working with data

- 9 Managing users with authentication

- 10 Controlling access with authorization

- 11 Client-side technologies and AJAX

- 12 Troubleshooting your application

- 13 Protecting your application against external attacks

- 14 Configuring and publishing your application

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