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´╗┐ITMaila is a great name for a digital store! Selling 34 recycle icons PNGs is a great product to start with, as it's a popular and useful asset for many designers and developers.

The 34 recycle icons PNGs can be marketed to eco-friendly businesses or individuals who are interested in incorporating sustainable design elements into their projects. Additionally, they can be used for educational purposes, such as in presentations or reports.

To optimize sales, consider creating a visually appealing product page that showcases the icons and highlights their unique features. You could also offer bundle deals or discounts for customers who purchase multiple products.

In terms of marketing, consider reaching out to eco-friendly communities on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. You could also collaborate with bloggers or influencers in the sustainability niche to help promote your product.

Overall, with the right marketing strategy and a quality product, ITMaila has the potential to become a successful digital store.

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