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Apps and Services with .NET 7 by Mark Price is back to guide you through the hottest and most common technologies a .NET developer needs to know, including Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, OData, OData, SignalR, Azure Functions.
The book Apps and Services with .NET 7 is for developers who want to improve their understanding of C# and .NET by learning the skills and practical knowledge they need to build real applications and services. This book covers specialized libraries that help you monitor and improve performance, program and data security, and internationalize your programs and code.
With chapters covering a variety of technologies, including Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SignalR, and Azure Functions, this book provides a broader scope of knowledge than other books that often focus on a handful of .NET technologies. This book also covers the latest developments, libraries and technologies to help you stay up-to-date.
You will also use .NET MAUI to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop apps for Windows and macOS. By the end of this book, you'll have a wide range of best practices and deep insights to help you build rich applications and efficient services.


Key Features:

·         Building services using various technologies including Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SignalR and Azure Functions

·         Learn how to use specialized libraries to improve all aspects of your applications, including performance and localization

·         Using .NET MAUI for easy cross-platform development of desktop and mobile applications

What you will learn:

·         Learn how to build more efficient, secure, and scalable applications and services

·         Using specialized .NET library to improve your programs

·         Implementation of popular third-party libraries such as Serilog and FluentValidation

·         Build cross-platform apps with .NET MAUI and integrate with native mobile features

·         Getting to know different technologies to implement services such as gRPC and GraphQL

·         Explore Blazor WebAssembly and use Blazor's open source component libraries

·         Store and manage data locally and in the cloud using SQL Server and Cosmos DB

Who is this book for?

This book is suitable for .NET developers who are interested in exploring the more specialized libraries and implementation principles behind building applications and services. Before you start using this book, you should know your way around using C# and .NET; So if you want to get to this book, read Mark's other book called C# 11 and .NET 7 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals first.


Table of Contents:

- Chapter 1: Introducing Apps and Services with .NET

- Chapter 2: Managing Relational Data Using SQL Server

- Chapter 3: Managing NoSQL Data Using Azure Cosmos DB

- Chapter 4: Benchmarking Performance, Multitasking, and Concurrency

- Chapter 5: Implementing Popular Third-Party Libraries

- Chapter 6: Observing and Modifying Code Execution Dynamically

- Chapter 7: Handling Dates, Times, and Internationalization

- Chapter 8: Protecting Your Data and Applications

- Chapter 9: Building and Securing Web Services Using Minimal APIs

- Chapter 10: Exposing Data via the Web Using OData

- Chapter 11: Combining Data Sources Using GraphQL

- Chapter 12: Building Efficient Microservices Using gRPC

- Chapter 13: Broadcasting Real-Time Communication Using SignalR

- Chapter 14: Building Serverless Nanoservices Using Azure Functions

- Chapter 15: Building Web User Interfaces Using ASP.NET Core

- Chapter 16: Building Web Components Using Blazor WebAssembly

- Chapter 17: Leveraging Open-Source Blazor Component Libraries

- Chapter 18: Building Mobile and Desktop Apps Using .NET MAUI

- Chapter 19: Integrating .NET MAUI Apps with Blazor and Native Platforms

- Chapter 20: Introducing the Survey Project Challenge

- Chapter 21: Epilogue

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